Frequently Asked Questions

No, we serve people with many different types of prior education – some only have primary school education, while others have more. We want to provide an internationally recognised Certificate which confirms that the person who passes is qualified to minister, irrespective of his/her previous education, but we do not want to be bound by the requirements imposed by accrediting agencies. We want to keep this training as simple as possible.

As long as that organization is satisfied that you have demonstrated the required outcomes, and has signed off on the Assessment sheet, you will pass those courses.

They will need to add them to their curriculum, or you could take them through another provider (for example, online).

No, it is for ALL Christians. Many Christians never minister, i.e., use their gifting to help grow the Kingdom and this curriculum is designed to train them to do so. It is also designed to help pastors who have no FORMAL training to be properly equipped.

Each time you complete a course, your teacher must sign the assessment sheet for that course confirming that you are able to demonstrate the outcomes. Once you have completes ALL the courses, he/she will send all your assessment sheets to so that your certificate can be issued.

The program is absolutely free (although your provider may levy its own fee to cover things like photocopying, etc.), but once you have successfully completed all 35 outcomes, you will be charged a nominal fee of $5 plus postage in developing countries and $10 plus postage in first-world countries, so that the Certificate can be issued.