Useful Links

Resources for each Outcome

In addition to the comprehensive notes to help you teach each of the 35 outcomes, which will be sent to you free of charge, here you will find a list of free resources which will help you with each of the courses. If you have others, please feel free to email them to
and, if suitable, we will review them and add them to this list.

You are encouraged to always use the Cape Town Commitment as a source document for all the outcomes.

Important! In all cases, students must be able to apply what they have learnt to their context. Please send a completed assessment sheet for each student at the end of the programme, to the address provided on the sheet.

All the outcomes begin with Students will be able to …

Knowing the Scriptures
usually called Biblical Theology, Old Testament and New Testament Surveys
Living by Faith
usually called Practical Theology, Hermeneutics, Children's Ministry, Church Management, Relationships
usually called Evangelism, Missions, Discipling
Listening and Encouraging
usually called Counselling, Family
Trustworthy Faith
usually called Systematic Theology, Ethics, Church History, Stewardship