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Resources for each Outcome

In addition to the comprehensive notes to help you teach each of the outcomes, which will be sent to you free of charge, here you will find a list of free resources which will help you with each of the courses. If you have others, please feel free to email them to

and, if suitable, we will review them and add them to this list.

You are encouraged to always use the Cape Town Commitment as a source document for all the outcomes.

Important! In all cases, students must be able to apply what they have learnt to their context. Please send a completed assessment sheet for each student at the end of the programme, to the address provided on the sheet.

All the outcomes begin with Students will be able to …

Old Outcomes

Knowing the Scriptures
usually called Biblical Theology, Old Testament and New Testament Surveys
Living by Faith
usually called Practical Theology, Hermeneutics, Children's Ministry, Church Management, Relationships
usually called Evangelism, Missions, Discipling
Listening and Encouraging
usually called Counselling, Family
Trustworthy Faith
usually called Systematic Theology, Ethics, Church History, Stewardship

New Outcomes

1. Leading like Jesus
  1. Bear the fruit of the Spirit in all areas of life and practise humility, integrity and simplicity.
  2. List, explain and exercise the spiritual disciplines.
  3. Explain and demonstrate 5 key, biblical principles of prayer as the basis for all ministries.
  4. Outline the principles of personal and corporate worship and describe how to practise them as a lifestyle.
  5. Apply biblically ethical principles to relationships within the church or ministry.
  6. Explain how Jesus' attitude towards women and children should change the church.
  7. Explain the biblical basis for stewardship regarding time, abilities, resources, and creation.
  8. Describe the importance of the church.
  9. Explain the biblical basis for the sacraments/ordinances, especially baptism and the Lord’s Supper.
  10. Explain how to organise and administrate a church or ministry with excellence and integrity.
  11. Explain how the power of Christ overcomes the lust of the flesh, the world, and the devil.
2. Handling the Word
Reaching and Making Disciples
Shepherding God's People

Useful Free Resources

If you live in Africa you can download the Africa Study Bible FREE of charge for a year, on the App store,
10 things you should know about family discipleship
11 Statistical Tips for Healthy Marriage
13 Principles for Teaching the Bible
4 Ways Missions Discipleship Shapes the Children in Your Church
6 Ways Churches Can Support Children Suffering Acute Trauma
7 things not to say at a funeral
7 Tips for sharing your faith
8 Areas of Discipleship for New Believers
8 Encouraging Trends in Global Christianity for 2024
9 Things You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel
A Free Resource to Help Children Understand the Storyline of the Bible
Absent fathers, collapse in marriage major reasons why Christianity is declining in US: study
Beacon Light
Bible studies, marriage resources
Christian Library
Commentary on New Testament by Dr. Thomas Constable
Commentary on Old Testament by Dr. Thomas Constable
Decisions good Dads make
Destined for Pure Love - Bev van Rensburg
Discipling children to have a heart for missions
Discipling those with special needs
Encouragement for parents in challenging times
Family Discipleship 101
Free Audio Bible
Free commentaries from The Gospel Coalition
Free Resources from thegoodbook
GPro Learning
Guide to USA Denominations
How faith and technology interact
How to care for someone walking through trauma
How to personally apply the Bible
How to welcome people with disabilities in your church
How to Welcome People with Disabilities in Your Church
Key questions for disciple makers
Practices in culture the church must challenge
Response to any church that would promote LGBT
Shepherds Global Classroom
Survey says: You can’t replace dad
The gospel is good news for every worldview
The importance of the Church
The inerrancy of Scripture
The State of Global Missions 2024
Variety of good Christian websites
Voice from the Heart
Wesleyan-Holiness Digital
What did Jesus teach about the Bible?
What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
What it really means to take the Lord's name in vain
What the children in church need to know about marriage
Where are You, Father? - Bev van Rensburg
Why Everyone Started Talking About Expositional Preaching
Word at Work