1. is constituted as an independent entity (a self-governing organization). It is not under any other organization, but is affiliated with the WEA.
  2. has an Advisory Council with representatives from different continents.
  3. has a legally constituted international Board with representatives from various continents, organizations, and church groups. The Board is solely responsible for the governance of Re-Forma. This Board meets annually, always during the second week of March. Board membership will be for three years, but can be renewed.
  4. has a President responsible for the overall leadership, including the legal set-up, constitution, job descriptions, etc. He is part of the Board. (Dr Manfred W. Kohl, Ambassador for Overseas Council International, is the current President. His email address is
  5. has a Project Manager responsible for implementation of Re-Forma’s various activities, including fundraising, staff recruitment and management, and the carrying out of Re-Forma’s objectives. He is responsible to the President. (This position is currently held by Dr Reuben van Rensburg, former President of the South African Theological Seminary. His email address is
  6. is registered as a legal entity in Germany (for Europe), but plans to also register in South Africa (for Africa) and in North America, with bank accounts, offices/sub- offices, etc.
  7. is establishing prayer groups, lists of supporters, friends, newsletter recipients, mailing lists, etc.


Rev Dr Manfred Kohl (Canada)

Executive Board Members

  • Rev Dr Manfred Kohl (Germany/Canada)
  • Bishop Dr Thomas Schirrmacher (Germany)
  • Pastor Andreas Kammer (Germany)
  • Rev Steven Loots (South Africa)

Other Board Members

  • Rev Dr Paul Sanders (France)
  • Rev Dr Riad Kassis (Lebanon)
  • Rev Dr Roger Kemp (Australia)
  • Rev Richard Flemming (Canada)
  • Dr Theresa Lua (Philippines)
  • Rev Dr John Bernard (USA)
  • Rev Dr David Ramirez (Latin America)
  • Dr Jessy Jaison (India)
  • Dr Peirong Lin (Singapore)
  • Rev Dr Han-Kyung Kim (Korea)

Advisory Council

  • Mr Percy Deng
  • Rev Raymond Lombard
  • Rev Rob Hayes
  • Rev Dr Wilmer Estrada-Carrasquillo
  • Rev Al Bridges
  • Rev Dr David Bennett
  • Rev Dr Ronald Freeman
  • Ms Melba June Mason
  • Rev Dr Bob Harris
  • Rev Kobus Grobler
  • Rev Willie Crew
  • Dr Bill Houston
  • Dr Dave Deuel
  • Dr Ashish Crispal
  • Dr Lionel Young
  • Dr Ramesh Richard
  • Ms Mary Mumo

Project Director

Dr Reuben van Rensburg (South Africa)

Address in South Africa

Box 116
Jeffreys Bay
6330 South Africa

Address in Germany

Hassengasse 2,
89522, Heidenheim