1. is constituted as an independent entity (a self-governing organization). It is not under any other organization, but is affiliated with the WEA.
  2. has a President responsible for the overall leadership, including the legal set-up, constitution, job descriptions, etc. He is part of the Board. (Dr Manfred W. Kohl, Ambassador for Overseas Council International, is the current President. His email address is
  3. has a legally constituted international Board with representatives from various continents, organizations, and church groups. The Board is solely responsible for the governance of Re-Forma. This Board meets annually, always during the second week of March. Board membership will be for three years, but can be renewed.
  4. has an Advisory Council with representatives from different continents.
  5. has a Project Director responsible for implementation of Re-Forma’s various activities, including fundraising, staff recruitment and management, and the carrying out of Re-Forma’s objectives. He is responsible to the President. (This position is currently held by Dr Reuben van Rensburg, former President of the South African Theological Seminary. His email address is
  6. is registered as a legal entity in Germany (for Europe), South Africa (for Africa) but plans to also register in North America, with bank accounts, offices/sub-offices, etc.
  7. is establishing prayer groups, lists of supporters, friends, newsletter recipients, mailing lists, etc.


Rev Dr Manfred Kohl (Canada)

Rev Dr Manfred Kohl

Executive Board Members

  • Rev Dr Manfred Kohl (Germany/Canada)
  • Bishop Dr Thomas Schirrmacher (Germany)
  • Pastor Andreas Kammer (Germany)
  • Rev Steven Loots (South Africa)

Other Board Members

  • Rev Dr Paul Sanders (France)
  • Rev Dr Riad Kassis (Lebanon)
  • Rev Dr Roger Kemp (Australia)
  • Rev Richard Flemming (Canada)
  • Dr Theresa Lua (Philippines)
  • Rev Dr John Bernard (USA)
  • Rev Dr David Ramirez (Latin America)
  • Dr Jessy Jaison (India)
  • Dr Peirong Lin (Singapore)
  • Rev Dr Han-Kyung Kim (Korea)

Advisory Council

  • Mr Percy Deng
  • Rev Raymond Lombard
  • Rev Rob Hayes
  • Rev Dr Wilmer Estrada-Carrasquillo
  • Rev Al Bridges
  • Rev Dr David Bennett
  • Rev Dr Ronald Freeman
  • Ms Melba June Mason
  • Rev Dr Bob Harris
  • Rev Kobus Grobler
  • Rev Willie Crew
  • Dr Bill Houston
  • Dr Dave Deuel
  • Dr Ashish Crispal
  • Dr Lionel Young
  • Dr Ramesh Richard
  • Ms Mary Mumo

Project Director

Dr Reuben van Rensburg (South Africa)

Dr Reuben van Rensburg

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Barbara Olivier

Mrs Barbara Olivier

Assisting the Project Director

Pastor Paul Hemming

Pastor Paul Hemming