Background/Reality Check

Studies show that over 90% of all pastors do not have a formal theological education. According to statistics, that equates to well over 2 million Protestant pastors worldwide. In addition, every year thousands of new Protestant churches are established, very often without a trained pastor or preacher. The biggest crisis facing the evangelical, global church today is the fact that most pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders are undertrained or not trained at all. Re-Forma has set as its goal to fundamentally remedy this situation.

This video describes what Re-Forma is all about.

It is applicable to us in many ways ... it is simple, applicable, clear and Scriptural.

The Re-Forma program is the best training and assessment available in French-speaking West Africa.

Re-Forma has developed a significant quality assessment process which integrates pastoral formation with sound doctrinal information.

I would highly recommend the Re-Forma program to all.