Online Program

The June to September semester is underway, and enrolments are now closed. Watch this space for next semester's enrolments.

The online version of Re-Forma's program still provides outcomes-based ministry training for pastors to lead churches effectively and biblically. The online version is also free, and still leads to a globally recognised Certificate (underwritten by the World Evangelical Alliance).
What's new... is that you can now go through the training program without a group, from the comfort of your own home, and at your own convenience.
The online program is facilitated through the Canvas learning platform, which is very user-friendly. The online version covers the same 35 outcomes as our traditional program. These outcomes reflect what a pastor needs to know, be, and do to effectively serve a church.
The structure of the program groups the 35 outcomes into 5 Units. Each Unit includes study notes and weekly tasks (quizzes, assignments, and discussions). The various tasks have due dates, with the whole program taking 4 months.

The program is free and leads to our Certificate of biblical training for ministry (underwritten by the World Evangelical Alliance). There is, however, a nominal fee of $5 USD (plus postage) in developing countries, and $10 USD (plus postage) in developed countries, for the Certificate.

(Kindly note at this stage the online version is only available in English.)