Online Program

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An excellent program

The Online Version of Re-Forma's program provides biblical, outcomes-based ministry training for pastors to lead churches effectively, as well as for men and women in ministry generally. The online version offers sound, theological training with the support of a qualified tutor and leads to Re-Forma’s globally recognised Certificate (underwritten by the World Evangelical Alliance), all for a nominal fee.

For convenient, individual studies

With the Online Version, people needing ministry training can now go through the program without a group, from the comfort of their own home, and at their own convenience.

Outcomes-based learning

The Online Program is facilitated through the Canvas learning platform, which is very user-friendly. The online version covers the same 35 Outcomes as our traditional program. These outcomes reflect what a pastor needs to know, be, and do to effectively serve a church.

Structure of the Program

The 35 Outcomes are grouped into 5 Units:

UNIT #1: Knowing the Scriptures (usually called Biblical Theology, Old Testament and New Testament Surveys)

UNIT #2: Living by Faith (usually called Practical Theology, Hermeneutics, Children's Ministry, Church Management, Relationships)

UNIT #3: Outreach (usually called Evangelism, Missions, Discipleship)

UNIT #4: Listening and Encouraging (usuallycalled Counselling, Family)

UNIT #5: Trustworthy Faith (usually called Systematic Theology, Ethics, Church History, Stewardship)

Weekly learning tasks

Each Unit includes study notes and weekly tasks (quizzes, assignments, and discussions with other students). The various tasks have due dates, with the whole program taking 4 months. These tasks are designed for the assessment of all 35 Outcomes.

The benefits of community

Although the Online Program is designed for individual studies, it also harnesses the power of community. Learners join the online community of students from around the world, and benefit from written discussions and interaction with others on the program, as well as with the tutor. At the same time, students can still be involved in ministry in their local church community. Re-Forma’s Online Program enables people to go through biblical, ministry training part-time, whilst continuing with their work, ministry, and family responsibilities.

Ministry areas

The program is designed for pastoral training but is also suitable for people involved in other ministries such as Christian counselling, missions, evangelism, discipleship, and children’s ministry. Additionally, it works well as a refresher course for seasoned pastors and church leaders.

Nominal fee

The cost of the online program is only $10 USD upon enrolment (which includes the study materials, tutoring, and assessment), and then $5 upon completion for the Certificate (plus the courier fee). Courier fees can range anywhere from $5 - $50 depending on your location.


Please fill out the form below, which facilitates paying the fee, to enrol. We will then send you the information you need to get started on Canvas.

(Kindly note at this stage the Online Version is only available in English.)